Ellison Stainless Steel Doors

7 Sets of these Stainless Steel Doors.

They are in great condition. Heavy Duty


 HubbardSSDoors01 (1) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 29.38 kB


HubbardSSDoors01 (4) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 39.68 kB


HubbardSSDoors01 (3) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 46.73 kB


I can see 7 Sets here in this photo.

I think there may be one or two more sets

there also on the other side of this hack.


Double Doors That Swing Both Ways

These Heavy Duty Commercial Doors are

Excellent Doors for use in the Hatchery.

They are Automatic Close by


means of their own weight.

No Springs or Closure Devices to

give trouble and problems.

When you pass through with a

Cart or Rack of Eggs, These doors

will Automatically Close by use of their

own weight without a Forceful Impact


to Break Eggs or Impair Passage.

They are always Pressure Washer

Ready to Keep Clean and Sanitize.

Very Rugged Construction

for Long Life and

Trouble Free Operation.

These Doors are Made of Stainless Steel