Jamesway 252

(With the Digital MidWest Controller)

 These will be some good machines

for Embronic Work or to Hatch Eggs

Egg Capacity 2,520 Eggs

MiDWest10.JPG - 24.33 kB

This particular machine are mostly

Stainless Steel on the inside


MiDWest04.JPG - 22.26 kB



This paticular unit is pictured with the

Non Asorbent Metal Trays as they are more

acceptable and suitable for Embronic Work,

however we also have the more common

Wooden Trays that are more widely used in

hatching eggs for Baby Chicks.

Egg Capacity 2,520 Eggs.

They can be used to hatch chicks and

operate as Single Stage or Multi-Stage operation.