Chick Master Parts


 New and Used Below


We NOW Have A Few CM Parts

Pictured Below And Are Still Working On


Many More To Come

Check Back from time to time

because we add items to this often.



cm60m016.jpg - 44.15 kB


cm60m018.jpg - 37.88 kB


CM68Hat21.jpg - 36.07 kB




Chick Master Damper Assembly



CM68Hat06.jpg - 29.10 kB


CM68Hat07.jpg - 29.56 kB


 CM68Hat01.jpg - 38.29 kB


CM-Fanboard-2.jpg - 15.76 kB


CM-Fanboard.jpg - 17.33 kB


CM-Fanboard-7.jpg - 34.20 kB


CM Fanboard 8.jpg - 33.08 kB 

 This 234C-05-4006 Fan Motor

will operate on 120 Volts or 240 Volts



A24_CM_60L_2.jpg - 41.86 kB


cmtf27.jpg.jpg - 52.44 kB


Chick Master 46 Egg Flat

These 46s fit the102s and 109 Incubators

and their Farm Racks, just like the Yellow 54s do.


Same Foot Print

 They are the Genuine Chik Master Brand


 They also Stack Simuliar to the 54s.


These Flat Cabinets are Jamesway, but they

are really handy with the CM Flats too.

 We also have several of the Transport Wire Baskets for this flat. 


 Always 54s....

 165 Egg One Piece Flats

 Still in the 102/ 109 Farm Rack




Chick Master Observation Thermometers

Master Thermometer With Bracket    OEM



Master Thermometer With Bracket    OEM






Sigma 90777 Relays

These are the 8 Pin Plug In Relays for all the

Chick Master Electro Mechanical Machines

Incubator and Hatcher

90777sig04.jpg - 38.07 kB

The Sigma Company went out of business a


few years ago and the different models of

NEW SIGMA RELAYS are no longer available.

There are several models of the Sigma Relay used


 in these machines that are Electro-Mechanical,


 and we have ALL MODELS of them you

 will need that are the OEM MODELS USED






Chick Master Relays


244B-03-4257 Plastic Case







These 8 Pin Relays are the



ones that replaced the ones


Sigma made with the Metal Case


bearing Sigma Number 90777.


They are used in most all the


Incubators and Hatchers.


It is a 8 Pin Plastic Single Pole,

Double Throw (SPDT) 115 Volt  5 Amp



It was used in the Model S1 and most

Models prior to that.


And possibly models after that also.


When ordering or asking about

Sigma Relays, Look and see what

the Number is Stamped on it,

 and we will be able to immediately

recognizes it when you call or email.


We have them all. We should be able

to help with this.






Chick Master Chart Recorders




Sporlan Solenoid Valves




We have these Original Equipment (OEM)


Sporlan Valves in 120 volt and 240 Volt coils.


Excellent Condition




Spray Nozzle Holders (NEW) 


These are the Spray Nozzle Holders that


fit the Chick Master Model 52 - 66 – 99 and


102 and possibly some of the other


models and brands.


They also fit all the earlier


model Buckeye Incubators also.




Chick Master Circuit Breakers



2314-1D-2717 2 Amp DP

2314-1D2122 1 Amp SP

2314-2D-2118 4 Amp SP

2314-2D-2119 10 Amp SP

2314-2D-2120 30 Amp DP

2314-2D-2121 20 Amp SP

2314-3D-2122 1 Amp SP

2314-3D-2123 2.5 FL Amp DP

244B-01-4255 1 Amp SP

244B-02-4255 2 Amp DP

244B-03-4255 2.5 FL Amp DP

244B-04-4255 1 FL Amp DP

244B-05-4255 4 Amp SP

244B-06-4255 4 FL Amps DP

244B-07-4255 10 Amp SP

244B-10-4255 12 FL Amp DP

244B-11-4255 10 FL Amp DP

244B-12-4255 7.5 FL Amp DP

244B-13-4255 20 Amp SP

244B-15-4255 30 Amp DP

Netz IEGH66-26397-10-V 15 Amp DP

8831 IPGH66-1-66-402-90-V 4 Amp DP

8831 IPGH66-1-66-252-90-V 2.5 Amp DP



Chick Master Tray Frames

We have several sizes of these. We

need to know the size of the Rivet.


CM66sX501 (1) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 44.70 kB



 Sorry Dont have nearly all the indiviual Parts Listed Yet,

but we have got started on the project.

We will get most of them listed before to long.

Much of them are also for the Older Equipment you

cant get any more from Chick Master.Try Us,

We can probably HELP  you.

We got Thousands of Plastic Flats and Trays.


We have many parts for:

Chick Master 109

Chick Master 102

Chick Master 99

Chick Master 66


Control Panels

Recorders - Relays - Solenoids

Tray Frames - Egg Flats - Farm Racks

Complete Control Panels

Ducts - Hatcher Parts

Turner Transmissions and Parts

Click the Links on the left 
of pictures and descriptions.

Also many parts for the:
Chick Master 78 - 52 - 30 H

We can save you money on Chick Master Parts.
We have many New and Used Chick Master 

Parts in Stock ready for shipment right away.

We have many USED PARTS for the 
OLDER Chick Master Incubators that can no 
longer be purchased from Chick Master. 
These parts will keep your older equipment
 running and put equipment back into service 
you already have, and could not get 
parts for it. Try us, we may have it.

Some of the Older Chick Masters Models
is Wooden or Fiberglass Cabinets are:

Chick Master Model 52
Chick Master Model 30-H (Hatcher)

Chick Master Model 66
Chick Master Model 66S1 to S3
Chick Master Model 60L (Hatcher)
Chick Master Model 60L1 to L4 (Hatcher)

Chick Master Model 78

Chick Master Model 99
Chick Master Model 99S1 to S3
Chick Master Model 90L (Hatcher)
Chick Master Model 90M (Hatcher)

Many things for the 102s and 109s also.

We are going to list some of the New and

Used Chick Master Parts,

but we cannot list them all here. So if you

need something not listed here,

email and ask us. 
You do not necessarly need the part number, 
but you do need the model of the 
Chick Master Incubator or Hatcher you have. 
We can talk about the rest and probably 
identify what you are looking for.

English Only, 
and sometime it not very proper.


 I'm going to stick this in right here as I know

someone needs this right now. I have got

 12 Stainless Steel Ducts for the 102 Chick Master.

They were made and copied from the copper ones,

 but later they decided to go to the new system.

If you think you would like to stay with the

duct system, and the copper ones you got are

 shot, here is a rare chance to get some that are

in great condition that will stay with you.

I can email pictures to you if interested,

 but I cant get them to come up on the web page.

Email me and I can email them

back to you if you are interested.


Joe Lawing       PH 828-738-4427


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.