Chick Master Model 768


NEW Incubator Controlers


We have 5 of these Units That Are New,


They were never installed.


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 1


We Also have 3 that are used.




ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 10


Hook-Up Specification Data Plainly


Listed Right Inside The Door


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 9

ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 11

ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 14

This Cabinet is:


44 X 17.5 Inch Flanges


Needs 42 X 15.5 Inch Hole


Needs 5.75 Inch Deep Mounting Hole


Cabinet Door Stick Out from Flange 1.75 Inches


Cabinet Weights 95 Pounds



ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 15

ChickMasterSmith768Setter01 20


All of these 768 Controllers have

the Allen Bradley Controls.


That is a Plus!


ChickMasterSmith768Setter02 2


These Particular units were purchased to



go on Jamesway ACI Units even though



they are Chick Master Controllers


That will show the Versatilithy of these


Controllers that they will work on


different Brands of Incubators..




The Company only installed part of


Controllers and then later decided to


purchase all NEW Incubators.


Thats why some are new, never installed,

and some of them are not.


Questions, sure call us.


Joe Lawing


PH. 828-738-4427


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Call for more Details.