5 Chick Master Model 66
Incubators and Hatchers

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One set will hatch 15,120 eggs each week.

7,560 eggs on Monday and 
7,560 eggs on Thursday

All 5 sets will hatch 75,600 eggs each week.

We have made an 
attractive price package for the 
purchase of this last 5 sets.

This equipment came from the 
Arbor Acre (now Aviagen) Hatchery 
at Springdale, Arkansas.

 This equipment is now 
dismantled and is 
located at our warehouse in 
Marion, North Carolina 28752


This is the last 5 sets of
the Chick Master Model 66 
Incubators and Hatchers 
purchased from Aviagen from
the Arbor Acre Hatchery
at Springdale, Arkansas.  We
would like to sell all 5 set of
them in one lot. We believe all 5 sets 
will fit into two of the 40 feet high
cube shipping containers. Each
of these sets will hatch 15,120
eggs each week. That will make
the weekly capacity of 75,600 eggs.  
That will be a very respectable size hatchery.


One Incubator and One Hatcher 
will hatch 15,120 eggs per week.
All 5 Sets will hatch 75,600 
eggs each week.

With ONE SET, 
Here is what you get

1 Chick Master Model 66 Incubator
Complete with
(1080) 42 Egg Blue 
Chick Master Plastic Egg Flats 

 4 Overhead Fans, Air Ducts, 
Thermometers, Heat System, 
Humidity System,
Automatic Turner System, 
7 Day Chart Recorder, 
Wooden Cabinets covered 
with the White Fiberglass,
Circuit Breakers


1 Chick Master Model 60L Hatcher 
Complete with 2 Overhead Fans, 
Plastic Hatch Baskets,
4 Dollies for the Hatch Baskets,
 Thermometers, Heat System, 
Humidity System, Circuit Breakers, 
White Fiberglass Cabinets


2 Farm Buggies  

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These Incubators could
be sold one set at a time. 
However, two sets will fit into 
one of the 40 feet High Cube 
ocean going shipping containers.

We believe that the 5 sets will
possibly fit into two of the 40 feet 
high cube shipping containers. 

The quantity discount for 
all 5 of the sets is attractive. 

They are available 
for immediate shipment.

These 5 Incubators are
NOT common Wall Incubators. 

These Incubators are Wooden Cabinets and 
are covered with the White Fiberglass 
Panels on the inside and the Front.
 They are very nice and clean, and 
are in better than average condition. 
They are in as good of condition as the 
 newer models covered with this same type 
White Fiberglass. These  incubators are 
believed to be built in 1979 or before. 
They started making them 
out of Styrofoam in 1980, 
and these are wooden cabinet machines. 

Which had you rather have, 
incubators made of Styrofoam or Wood? 
The wooden cabinets 
are substantially heavier.
Newer does not always mean Better.

Each set will hatch 
15,120 eggs per week.

Their power requirements are:

120/240 Volts 
60 Cycles  33 Amps  50 Amp Breaker

These Chick Master Model 66
 are Very Nice Incubators. They appear 
well and are in Above average condition.

All this and more is located at 
Marion, North Carolina  28752

You are welcome to come see. 
We have many 
things for the Hatchery.

You would fly to any
of these airports.

Charlotte, North Carolina Airport - CLT
83 Miles away

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport- GSP 
81 Miles away

Asheville Regional Airport -AVL 
45 Miles away

Make an appointment to come and see them.

At this time we also have available 3 nice
Kuhl Tray Washers. Click the Kuhl 
Icon for more details.

We also have about anything 
you would need at the hatchery level.