5 Chick Master

Model 60L Hatchers


One Incubator and One Hatcher

will hatch 15,120 egg per week.



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Each of these hatchers have 
60 White Plastic Hatch Trays 
with the roll around dolly.

They are NOT common walls.
Each one will stand alone.

The Price of the Hatcher 
is included 
with the price of the Incubator.
They are priced as a set.


One Incubator and One Hatcher
will hatch 15,120 eggs per week.


These Hatcher Cabinets are 
made of White Fiberglass. 
They have a Blue Front Control Panel

Of this group of 5 Hatchers,
NONE of them are common wall.
Each Hatcher is a stand alone unit.
Each is equipped with 
60 White Plastic Hatch Baskets 
and 4 Dollies that they roll on. 
They each have 2 overhead fans.

They are in 
Take a look.


Power Requirements are

115/230 Volts 

25 Amp  60 Hertz


One Incubator and One Hatcher 
will hatch 15,120 eggs per week.

All have the
Plastic Hatch Baskets.

You are Welcome to come 
and Inspect this equipment. 
Call and make an appointment. 

At this time we have available 2 nice
Kuhl Tray Washers. Click the Kuhl 
Icon for more details.

Hatcher Capacity:
At 126 eggs per tray,
       this Hatcher Capacity is 7,560 Eggs 

and will hatch 2 times each week.

The weekly Capacity of 15,120 egg per week.

These machines are made before 1980.
They are made of the White Fiberglass

NONE of them are Common Wall.

You may have just one or several in a row.


Always remember:

ONE SET of INCUBATORS Consists of:

One Incubator, (Sometime called the Setter)

One Hatcher, and all the Trays needed for both,

2 Farm Racks for the Incubator,

With the extra trays in them.

To Hatch Eggs, you MUST have

the Incubator AND the HATCHER.

These Hatchers are in