Chick Master L

Tray Frames








We have the replacement

 tray frames for most all of

the Chick Master Incubators.

Below some of them will

be pictures and described.


To know the Tray Frame you need,

you will need to measure the

diameter of the RIVET

and we will need to know

the rivet diameter size.


The A Rivet is 7/16 inch in diameter


The B Rivet is 5/16 inch in diameter


The C Rivet is 3/8 inch in diameter


Below is how to measure the Rivet.


cmtf43.jpg.JPG (39311 bytes)   cmtf42.jpg.JPG (34716 bytes)   cmtf44.jpg.JPG (51347 bytes) 

Click on Picture to Enlarge it.

This will tell the size of the Tray Rivet.


Below are some more picture

of the Tray Frames and how

they are packaged.


There are 15 tray frames per bundle.


Then they are placed on a

pallet for wrapping and shipping.

We can ship any amount.


Usually a pallet will

hold 9 or 12 bundles.


Sometime we use larger pallets

when the customer wants more.


We will suggest the

best way to ship them.

cmtf01.jpg.JPG (49879 bytes) cmtf04.jpg.JPG (22652 bytes)

Click on Picture to Enlarge it.

cmtf05.jpg.JPG (28003 bytes) cmtf06.jpg.JPG (27055 bytes)

cmtf45 (6).JPG (54442 bytes) cmtf45 (4).JPG (50926 bytes)

cmtf07.jpg.JPG (28210 bytes) cmtf10.jpg.JPG (18429 bytes)

cmtf12.jpg.JPG (26790 bytes) cmtf09.jpg.JPG (24057 bytes)

cmtf13.jpg.JPG (28030 bytes) cmtf20.jpg.JPG (31079 bytes)

cmtf23.jpg.JPG (30651 bytes) cmtf25.jpg.JPG (31257 bytes)

 cmtf28.jpg.JPG (43562 bytes)

cmtf33.jpg.JPG (38725 bytes) cmtf34.jpg.JPG (42471 bytes)

You can make appointment and

pick them up or we can ship them.


Yes, these are used Tray Frames and

about 1/2 price or so than the new ones.


Some of them may have small amount of rust.

Their condition is very similar to the pictures.

Price is adjusted with quantity you purchase.


Questions, call or email!


Jesus Loves You!!


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