Chick Master Farm Racks

(Rounded and Square Corners)



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At this time we have in stock
about 100 to 150 Farm Racks.

And sometime there is none!

The ones pictured here are
Chick Master farm racks,
but they can be used also
with the Buckeye and
Stabil equipment as well.

These Farm Racks will accommodate the:
Chick Master 42 egg flats, 48 egg flats
Buckeye 132 One Piece Flats
Stabil 42 egg flats and 48 egg flats

These Chick Master Farm Racks
pictured are in very good condition.


We have many other Farm Racks
that vary Greatly in condition.
Some are bolted together,
Some are Riveted together
and some are Welded.
Some Painted, some are not.

Let us know what your
Farm Buggy needs are
and we can help you find just
the right ones for your operation.

Now listen up...This is not on every page.

We Buy Good Used Hatchery Equipment of all kinds...

Jamesway   Chick Master  

Farm Racks    Incubator Racks

Generators     Transfer Machines

Tray Washers      Boilers

Entire Hatcherys (Not the Real Estate)

Plastic Egg Flats

Your Obsolete Incubator Parts

We have sent Tractor Trailers to you to

clear out useable equipment from your

warehouse at no charge to you.

We may can help you...

Lets Talk...


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