Buckeye Parts


Multi-Wing 8 Blade Fan

These 8 Blade Fans Increase the Air Flow

dramaticly more than the origionally equiped

4 Blade Aluminum Torrington Blades

Especially helpful in the Hatchers....5/8 Inch Hole

The 8 Blades move a LOT More Air than the 4 Blade ones.

wpe84.jpg - 10.46 kB







Buckeye Incubators Parts

We have many of the Buckeye Incubaotr Parts for the

Buckeye Model 66, Model 501, Buckeye Clipper, Model 140,

Model 141, Model 540, and even some of the

newer digital machines.


Sporlan Solenoid Valves



We have these Original Equipment (OEM)

Sporlan Valves

in 120 volt and 240 Volt coils.

Excellent Condition



Spray Nozzle Holders (NEW)



These are the Spray Nozzle Holders that


fit the Buckeyes 501/ 52 / 66 / 140 / 360 / 540


and many of the later model Buckeyes.


Probably fit earlier models than mentioned.


Available in 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch in sizes.



Buckeye Fan Board Hinge

(OEM Part)

Buckeye66FanBoardHinge01 (1).JPG - 23.60 kB

Buckeye66FanBoardHinge01 (16).JPG - 26.78 kB   Buckeye66FanBoardHinge01 (17).JPG - 21.60 kB

Buckeye66FanBoardHinge01 (18).JPG - 28.95 kB

Here is a part that is hard to find

that is not as bad as the ones

you already got.   Fully Operational

When you need this,

nothing else will work.


Buckeye 140

Pilot Lights Assembly

Push To Test

(May Also Fit Other Models)

 140pilot01.jpg - 30.22 kB


140pilot03.jpg - 33.09 kB


140pilot09.jpg - 37.55 kB   


You may get the get the entire

assembly or you may just get the bulbs.


Important Notice

I am putting this right up front on the Buckeye Page.

If you have Older Model Buckeyes such as the Mercu-Matic,

Model 510, Model 24, Model 66, 140,360, 540, Nova,

and even some of he even Earlier or Later Models of the Buckeyes,

we have a quite Large inventory of the Parts for these

older machines still available that are no longer available

from from dealers.Some Parts would span over 2 or 3 models.

There are many of these machines sitting in Hatcherys

that people think they CANNOT get PARTS for that we

very well may have on the shelf.

You possibly can put these machines back on line with just a few parts.

Now I am not saying I got EVERY spare part there is,

but you may be amased at the amount we do have available.

Try us for you need for Spare Parts for the Older Buckeyes.



Buckeye Model 66 Recorder Charts


140chart03-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.jpg - 27.05 kB


66chart02-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.jpg - 40.94 kB


66chart04-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.jpg - 20.75 kB


Buckeye Nova Digital Control Cards

MK II Control Card 30-051 ISSB

Plug In Control Card

BuckeyeDigitalCards02-16-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 34.07 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards01.jpg-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 42.22 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards02-15-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 45.26 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards02-9-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 50.49 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards02-2-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 38.75 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards02-6---Copy-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 43.19 kB


BuckeyeDigitalCards02-9-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 50.49 kB


These are getting Pretty Rare



BuckeyeTray Pins

These Tray Pins are NEW and they are Plated to Prevent Rust

We also have the Plated Yellow No Rust E Clips

The Eclips are in Stacks of 500. (Not Pictured)

You need 2 tray Pins and 2 Eclips per tray.

BuckeyeTPin01-6-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 23.27 kB


BuckeyeTPin01-8-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 20.64 kB


BuckeyeTPin01-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 28.18 kB


BuckeyeTPin01-4-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 27.83 kB



 Buckeye Incubator Tray Frames

They are 35 1/2 inches long and 12 1/4 inches wide

They Accomidate the Original Metal Trays and the Plastic Egg Trays of 132 Eggs.

They will also acomidate the Blue Green 42 Egg Plastic Chick Master

Tray and the Pink CM 48 Egg Plastic Tray.

Also the Plastic Turkey Egg Tray. All these trays are the same size for the Buckeyes.

BuckeyeTrayFrame01-2-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 19.21 kB


BuckeyeTrayFrame01-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 34.17 kB


BuckeyeTrayFrame01-4-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 30.91 kB


BuckeyeTrayFrame01-8-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 23.25 kB


BuckeyeTrayFrame01-9-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 24.37 kB



For these older Model Buckeyes, we have a very large

inventory of parts for them. To many to list here.

If you have these Buckeye Models 24,501, 66, 140, 141, 360, 540, Nova,

and other later Model Buckeyes, we should be able to help you

with pats for these machines that are no longer

available anywhere else. We will feature more parts for these

machines later.

Oh Yes, we have about 20 of Model 66 machines

still available and complete.

If I can help, contact us.




Plenty of the Metal Trays for the Hatcher and the Incubators,

Farm Racks, Even the Roll In Incubator Turning Racks.

Fans and Fam Motors, and complete Fan Boards,

Turner Motors and Turner Transmissions,

Recorder Clocks, Charts, Solenoid Valves,

Charts Ink, Turner Parts, Relays, On and On.

There is just to many things to mention.

We got many Buckeye parts.

If you still have some of these machines

and need parts to egt them going again,

Call us. WE can probably help.