Buckeye Parts

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Buckeye Incubators Parts

We have many of the Buckeye Incubaotr Parts for the

Buckeye Model 66, Model 501, Buckeye Clipper, Model 140,

Model 141, Model 540, and even some of the

newer digital machines.


Sporlan Solenoid Valves



We have these Original Equipment (OEM)

Sporlan Valves

in 120 volt and 240 Volt coils.

Excellent Condition



Spray Nozzle Holders (NEW)



These are the Spray Nozzle Holders that


fit the Buckeyes 501/ 52 / 66 / 140 / 360 / 540


and many of the later model Buckeyes.


Probably fit earlier models than mentioned.


Available in 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch in sizes.


Buckeye 140

Pilot Lights Assembly

Push To Test

(May Also Fit Other Models)

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You may get the get the entire

assembly or you may just get the bulbs



Plenty of the Metal Trays for the Hatcher and the Incubators,

Farm Racks, Even the Roll In Incubator Turning Racks.

Fans and Fam Motors, and complete Fan Boards,

Turner Motors and Turner Transmissions,

Recorder Clocks, Charts, Solenoid Valves,

Charts Ink, Turner Parts, Relays, On and On.

There is just to many things to mention.

We got many Buckeye parts.

If you still have some of these machines

and need parts to egt them going again,

Call us. WE can probably help.