Buckeye Fan Boards


I dont have any pictures of a

Buckeye Fan Board I can put on line

at this time. But we do have them

complete and we also got all the

parts that could be needed for repairs

on one, including hard to find Hinges

and the Spring Type Heating elements.

The 66 Incubators use a 1200 Watt

Heating element, Spring Type

or Calrod Type. I got both. Also some

of the OEM Torrington Aluminum Fan

Blades. Also the 8 Blade Multi-Wing

Blade that will almost double the

air flow inside the machine.

Some had a 1/3 HP Motor and some

had a  1/2 HP Motor. All were 220 volts.

A lot of these Redwood Machines are

still running. I know, because I sell

parts to them. One that is working

properly like it was designed to do,

will still hatch as good as any other

given the same flock eggs. I know

many of you wont believe it,

but it is true. Buckeye stopped building

the 66s in about 1956-1958 and went to

the Buckeye 140. Also a good machine.

There are several of them still running also.

Yes, I know, because they buy parts from me.

I have operated both of them and I think

the 66s would out hatch the 140s. The last

we ran here on this place were the 140s

with the 141 hatcher. The 140s weakest

link was its Boston Turner Transmission.

I still got enough parts to rebuild a few

more of those, but not to many more.

I'm 72 years old now in 2019. My Daddy

started hatching eggs when I was 5 years

old. I still remember the first hatch.

Many people from the community came

to see it. A wonderful time back then.

OK, guess enough reminessing,

back to work!

How in the world did we go from

Fan Boards to Ancient history?

If youre still reading, Thanks for reading

and may Jesus Bless you Forever!!