Around The Warehouse Area

As we have been in Business for some

years now, ( Since the Late 1960s),

we have a lifetime accumulation of

Hatchery Equipment and other items

that are found around the hatchery.

Below will be some pictures of these

type items that will not have a

category on the Left.




This was the BACK-UP Air Compressor

at one of our local industries that

closed a few years ago.

Believe Me!

This thing will make a LOT of Compressed Air.

It will blow the Hat Right Off YOur head!!



40 Horse Power Blower

40 HP Blower4.jpg - 44.18 kB

A Real Air Mover

40 HPBlower1.jpg - 46.55 kB


40HPBlower3.jpg - 38.09 kB



A NEW Blower Shell

for the Above Blower

40HPBlowerShell1.jpg - 36.06 kB


40HPBlowerShell2.jpg - 41.80 kB


40HPBlower2.jpg - 28.77 kB




12 X 12 X 36


locker01.jpg - 34.90 kB


locker09.jpg - 29.13 kB 

 locker02.jpg - 31.88 kB


locker06.jpg - 21.59 kB


These are some real nice Employee Wall Lockers




(Not Exactly Sure. Not certain who made these.)

But we are sure these

two piecesare 4 foot across.

One is for sexing and the

other for Vaccinating.



 ChickGoRound01.jpg.JPG - 80.32 kB


GreatDaneDoor01_10.jpg - 36.33 kB


GreatDaneDoor01_8.jpg - 24.97 kB


Doors for a  Great DaneTrailer