Robbins Farm Racks

These are the Origional Farm Racks

Filled with the Robbins Green Flats

and Tray Frames Ready to go.

We Also Got The Origional, Ever Vanishing,

Genuine 30 Egg Green Plastic Robbins Incubator Egg Flats.



Robbins Parts

I just havent got everyhting listed yet

but we got many many Robbins parts.

Here are some of them!


Robbins Flat Heat Bars

120 Volts 500 Watts


As You Can See, We Have 2 Types


 Both Types are 500 Watts Each

Each Is Aproxamaely 23 1/2 Inches Long


The Top One Is GE

It seems to be a bit heavier than the lower one


Even Though Both Of

Them Are 500 Watts


This is how they are mounted

in the machine in doubles.


As you will notice, one of them

is a bit thicker than the other one.



3 Wires—2 Heaters

One Wire is Netural

One Wire is For Secondary Heat

The other Wire is For Primary Heat



Trunion Rod with Nut

Usually sold with the Transmission and Motor



Robbins Fan Hub

When you need this, nothing else will work!!

Rebuilt by Joe Lawing with New Bearings

You should have a Spare!! 


Robbins Cooling Coils


Got All of These Parts

Including the Complete Box


Robbins Spider for the Wooden Fan Blades


Solenoids and Flow Regulators for Humidity

Some for the Redwoods,

more for the Green Machines

and much more for the

White FRP Machines.

Green 30 Egg Plastic Egg Flats

Relays  --  Heat Bars  --Timers

Some Trunion Rods and Transmissions

Complete Control Panels

Lots of Items.

Farm Racks with Tray Frames

and 30 Egg Green Flats

I hope to get back to this

page soon and add items soon.

Call for specifics......


Robbins Incubators

As of Oct 2019

We got many Many Robbins Parts


We Buy and Sell 
Good Robbins Incubators

We also have a Very Large 
Selection of Parts for them.

Green 5 X 6  Plastic 30 Egg 
Incubator Flats and Tray Frames

 Farm Racks 
Filled and Not Filled with Flats

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